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How it's possible?

Medical Doctors in Ukraine, professionals, finished 6-year education and 2 years of practice, have a salary close to $6000 per year.

Some undervalued doctors migrate to IT where they can get decent salaries from global companies by working remotely.

They do not work in the healthcare domain anymore.

If you are a business in the healthcare domain, developing your own software or hardware, they may join your team to improve resulting performance.

There are a lot of good cases and we will prepare an article to highlight this and explain more. Stay tuned.


For both



Benefits achieved when employing software and hardware development specialist with medical degree are following:

Less bugs related to business logic
More efficient communication
Less rates comparing to local medical consultants
Less time to market


Medical doctors employed as software development specialist can achieve:

Express themselves in native knowledge area
Stay and grow among medical personnel
Higher salary comparing to other employers
More satisfaction


Medical doctors can re-qualify and can be the most effective in:

Quality Assurance
Business Analytic
Data Scientist
Project Manager
Product Owner
Software Developer